Siblings fight for brother's release after police say he stabbed his father in Brooklyn

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Darla Miles has the story (WABC)

There's disturbing new information about a story that is already very disturbing.

The family of the teenager accused of stabbing and killing his father in Brooklyn claims the boy was abused by his dad.

Now his family members, for the first time, are breaking their silence on the day the teenager is expected to be released on bond.

"When I heard he was coming home, I could not control how happy I was," Amina Razzaq, the accused's sister.

This may very well be the first smile the Razzaq siblings have had on their faces in a long time.

"This is Jamal, he's the youngest. He's 11 years old. This is Amina, she's 15 years old. And that's Faryal, she's 21 years old," said Zurnain Razzaq, the accused's sister.

All four siblings were wearing "Free Hassan Razzaq" t-shirts with a picture of their brother on it. Police say he killed their father.

"For someone charged with murder in the second degree, the support is like nothing I've seen before," said Michael Cibella, Hassan's defense attorney.

In July, police say the 19-year-old stabbed his father in neck in their Kensington home.

Surveillance video shows Razzaq allegedly walking into a nearby deli with blood on his hands shortly afterwards.

The Pakistani teen has pleaded not guilty; his attorney says there's a well-documented history of mental, physical, and sexual abuse in the home.

"Everyone understands and recognizes the trauma that this family and my client have been through ever since they've been here in America, coming in 2003, the last 12 years being terrorized by my client's father," Cibella said.

And because of these circumstances, family and friends started the "Free Hassan" movement. There's a petition on and a campaign on

"It makes us feel a litter better and it makes him feel a little better as well," said Faryal Razzaq, the accused's sister.

Originally remanded Monday evening, Razzaq will be released on a $1 million bond.

"The judge ordered me to monitor the defendant, put an ankle bracelet on him, and let the court and the DA's office know his whereabouts, where he goes," said Ira Judelson, a bail bondsman.

One of the terms of his release is that he lives in Brooklyn, which means for now he has to return to the home where he allegedly killed his father.
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