Teen falls 30-feet from zip line at Glen Rock High School

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Lucy Yang has the story. (WABC)

One moment of teenage foolishness has left one boy in the hospital and lucky to be alive. It all happened Saturday night Glen Rock High School when the 15-year-old fell 30-feet from a zip line.

12-year-old Chris McKeon was there at the time it all happened. In fact, a bunch of kids were playing a pick-up game of soccer Saturday night when one boy from Hawthorne apparently noticed the zip line tucked high up in the trees.

"His shirt got stuck and his friends said they would catch him," says McKeon.

She says the boy climbed up on his friends' shoulders to begin the ascent Once on top, Eyewitness News is told he used his t-shirt to glide down the zip line, except the shirt got stuck and he was left hanging high in the air.

"I told him it wasn't safe, you should come down, but his friends kept encouraging him," McKeon adds, "I don't think he was thinking what could happen."

With no cushion to soften his fall, officials report the teenager broke his leg and hurt his foot. He will walk again, but hopefully he learned a valuable lesson about safety first.

"I'm concerned about the child and if that child will be okay, it's an unfortunate mishap," said Superintendent Paula Valenti of the Glen Rock School District.

Glen Rock Police Chief Frederick Stahman says that the detective bureau is in contact with the boy's parents.

The teenager was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery for his broken leg. He is expected to go home on Tuesday.
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