Teenager injured in hit-and-run in Bronx, driver spoke to victim before taking off

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Carolina Leid reports from Bedford Park. (WABC)

A teenager was hit by a driver in the Bronx. The driver actually spoke to the victim after the crash, and then just took off.

"He hit me from behind. I just saw a big white light," said Brandon Parrella, the victim.

Brandon Parrella says it happened so fast.

The 18-year-old was on his way home from visiting his grandmother Tuesday night.

He was crossing the street at Bedford Park Boulevard and Marion Avenue in Bedford Park when he was hit by an SUV.

"All I remember is when the light came I had my head on the car, I think that's how one of the first gashes happened. I remember after he hit me I didn't fly out, I went straight towards the ground, I bounced and then I hit the ground. It is how I got this big gash, I'm guessing," Parrella said. "Everything just turned black, I woke up in pain."

Surveillance video shows the driver stopped, ran up to the college student, then quickly ran back to his vehicle and drove away.

It also shows Parrella had the right of way and used the cross walk.

"He goes, 'You good bro, you good?' I said, 'No you just hit me with your car!' He said 'Oh yeah, alright, alright, alright, I'm going to leave.' I was like, what, what, what. He got in his car and went away," Parrella said.

Brandon's wrist is broken and he has several deep gashes to his face. He says it's all very painful.

"Even a simple I'm sorry matters, you hit me and ran away. You saw me bleeding and everything and you didn't call the ambulance, you just ran away," Parrella said.
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