VIDEO: UPS driver seen kicking expensive package

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Surveillance video (WABC)

A UPS driver on Long Island is in hot water and possibly out of a job after he was caught on camera mishandling a package.

The video shows how Ray Martel's sensitive; $12,000 pressure gauge left East Hills Instruments in Westbury Monday, as an apparently disgruntled UPS driver rolled it out the door.

"This guy just basically threw the thing out the door. And when I look at the video, all of a sudden I'm shocked, I see him push this box across the floor and then proceed to bowl it across the lawn on to the street," Martel said.

Martel was sending the instrument back to a client; he says it's used to measure pressure inside pipelines.

The receptionist in the picture suggested he look at the video after the driver, who apparently didn't use a cart or dolly, left.

"This is a sensitive piece of equipment. It's a $12,000 piece of equipment that's being mailed back to a client so that we can properly repair it," Martel said.

UPS issued a statement today saying: "Thank you for bringing this incident to our attention. UPS drivers are trained to handle every package with care. This is a part of the overall emphasis we place on providing excellent service to our customers. UPS does not condone this specific driver's behavior. We are investigating this issue and will take corrective action with this driver. We have also apologized to the customer."

And then UPS visited the store.

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