Wayne residents on edge after black bear spotted near homes

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Toni Yates has more. (WABC)

A neighborhood in New Jersey is on edge Monday after a black bear was spotted near homes.

Resident Kevin Scott grabbed his cell phone to snap a picture of the bear after it scaled a fence between two houses in Wayne on Sunday. He posted the pictures on to Wayne's website. From there, they made their way to social media.

An eyewitness says the bear appeared to be about 175 pounds. He said it was going from backyard to backyard. The bear eventually headed back towards the woods.

Wayne Police Department says there were two bear sightings this weekend. The first sighting was a cub spotted by a volunteer firehouse. This bear was spotted in the woods, and was not in a residential area. During this time of the year, bears are foraging and getting ready for winter.

Wayne's residential areas are circled by wooded areas - the bear's habitat. Scott says the bear didn't seem too interested in the human world.

Residents are asked to be aware of their surroundings and to secure their garbage. If you see a bear, make a loud noise, and stay away from it - hopefully it will find its way home for the upcoming long winter's nap.

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