Mother speaks out after New York City jury awards $2.2 million in police shooting of immigrant son

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Jim Dolan speaks to the victim's mother.

A New York jury has awarded $2.2 million to the family of an emotionally disturbed immigrant who was fatally shot by police officers when he allegedly lunged at them with a knife.

"That should not be the award today," said Hawa Bah, the victim's mother.

Hawa Bah says the $2.2 million she was awarded was wrong. She wants something more.

"They should apologize," Hawa Bah said.

Mohamed Bah was 28 years old in 2012 when he was shot and killed by police in his Harlem apartment.

The police said Mohamed Bah was lunging at them with a knife and that he could not be otherwise subdued. Mrs. Bah says she never called for police.

"I don't call police. I'm looking for an ambulance. They look at him and they decide to take a life," Hawa Bah said.

"February 4th 1999," said Saikou Diallo, Amadou Diallo's mother.

Saikou Diallo knows well what the Bah family is going through. Her son Amadou was killed by police in 1999. The bond of the families is sacred now, and tragic.

"This is personal because people don't know that Hawa and I were in Liberia together, raising our children together in Liberia where Amadou was born, where Mohamed Bah was born," Saikou Diallo said.

Judge P. Kevin Castel says he must still rule whether officers are protected by qualified immunity. He urged a settlement.

Concerning the court's decision Tuesday, the city Law Department says it will appeal:

"Our view is that all of the officers involved responded appropriately. While this incident ended tragically, we believe these officers strictly adhered to established protocols for dealing with emotionally disturbed persons."

And that, says Mohamed Bah's brother, may be the problem.

"A mother is crying to the law enforcement that she ask for the hospital, 'Let me speak to my son, allow me,'" Sulaiman Bah said. "Listening, listen to the family, listen to the environment, use patience, do not rush."
A federal prosecutor this year closed a criminal investigation, finding insufficient evidence to charge officers.

A Manhattan grand jury in 2013 voted against bringing criminal charges against officers.

(Some information from the Associated Press)

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