Harvard students say America is a bigger threat to peace than ISIS

<div class="meta image-caption"><div class="origin-logo origin-image none"><span>none</span></div><span class="caption-text">&#34;As a Western civilization, we&#39;re to blame for a lot of problems that we&#39;re facing now. I don&#39;t think anyone would argue that we didn&#39;t create the problem of ISIS, ourselves.&#34; (CampusReform&#47;YouTube)</span></div>
In a controversial video posted to YouTube, several Harvard students were asked "Which is a greater threat to world peace: ISIS or America?" All of those featured in the video voiced their opinions on the matter, choosing America as the larger threat. Take a look below.

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Campus Reform Editor Caleb Bonham visited the Harvard University campus to ask random students for their opinions.

Some of the quotes spoken in the video by several Harvard students:

"In many ways, I have to think it's America because America is making decisions that are much more likely to affect the world."

"I think American imperialism and our protection of oil interests in the Middle East are destabilizing the region and allowing groups like ISIS to gain power."

"As a Western civilization, we're to blame for a lot of problems that we're facing now. I don't think anyone would argue that we didn't create the problem of ISIS, ourselves."

"The ideology of ISIS might appeal to people in the Middle East who aren't familiar with we how we think over here, as Americans. They have a skewed view of us, just as much as we have a skewed view of them."

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, also known as ISIL) is a self-proclaimed caliphate, claiming authority of all Muslims worldwide, with deep al-Qaeda roots. The Sunni-led group has taken control of a significant portion of both Syria and Iraq by force, and aims to politically dominate most Muslim-inhabited regions. The United Nations has labeled ISIS as a terrorist group, and accused them of human rights abuses.

Campus Reform is a project of the Leadership Institute, a conservative youth organization.

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