8-Year-Old Writes Letter to Robber Who Stole from Her Family: 'I will help you be a good person'

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When most people are robbed, they are left with a feeling of anger and a desire to seek justice. But after thieves ransacked the home of 8-year-old Wendy Chay Son, she was compelled to be kind and responsible.

After moving from Guatemala to the U.S. nine years ago, Wendy's family finally bought their first house a month ago in Lake Worth, Florida. While Wendy's mom Alberthina was taking her to school recently, robbers snuck into their home and took many precious belongings, including her laptop computer.

When Wendy came home after school and heard the news, she immediately burst into tears. She felt afraid for her family and disappointed in the robbers for their cruel actions, as anybody would. But Wendy did not let fear control her.

She wrote a letter to the thieves and taped it to the window. Wendy did all of this on her own, to her parents' surprise.

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The letter reads:

"This is for the robbers. Please do not steal in our house. There are good kids and people in this house ... You are not the only one [who] has feelings. We all do." She continues, "Tell me why you are stealing and I will help you be a good person."

Wendy also offers a suggestion: "If you start being nice, you will have friends that will be nice to you." Makes sense! And she finishes with compassionately, "I hope you will have a better life."

Despite her surprise for finding the letter, Alberthina is well aware of her daughter's bravery and thoughtfulness. "There are no words to describe her -- we are so proud!" she tells Babble.

What an incredible kiddo!

Wendy's heartfelt effort has inspired local families to rally in support. Mark Anthony Parrilla, Wendy's next-door neighbor and head of the Genesis Neighborhood Association, was so touched by her letter that he felt compelled to do more. "It's important that this gets out to inspire others, and maybe discourage a criminal or two when they realize how they impact a household because of what they do," Mark tells Babble.

Mark has lovingly set up a GoFundMe page for the Son family, in the hopes of helping them regain what they lost during the robbery. The Vice Mayor of Lake Worth has also told Mark that once their goal has been reached, they will celebrate publicly in the town, with local television stations ready to capture the big moment.

Image source: Mark Parrilla

In the meantime, Wendy is spreading positive words. She recently attended the Lake Worth Candidate Forum, where she read her letter to the politicians in attendance. It was well received - the audience erupting in applause as soon as she finished reading.

Wendy is excited that her letter has reached so many people, and is soaking up the positive energy of everyone's responses.

While the suspects have yet to be caught, she hopes that they have heard her message. And what an inspiring way to send it! Wendy is one courageous and kind young lady who reminds all of us to consider thoughtfulness in times of crisis.

h/t: ABC News

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