Love is in the air: Drones among the hottest new trends in weddings

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From drones to social media, Kristin Thorne takes a look at some of the newest trends in weddings.

Some of the hot new wedding trends include technology that gives you the perfect view from above, and making your big day a social media sensation.

Why have pictures of your wedding from the ground when you can have them from the air?

"You're able to see your wedding from an angle that you've never been able to see before," said photographer Brian Oregovich of Park Avenue Studios on Long Island.

Drones are just one of the new, hottest trends happening in weddings.

Ozegovich says he's done more than one hundred weddings using drones.

"I literally have the drones play with the guests, I will land it on a table, people will wave and it will take off and fly away," he said. "There's all new things happening at weddings, this is one of them."

Then there's people like Samantha Roberts - who you can hire to live tweet, Facebook, Instagram and even Periscope your wedding.

Her company is called Maid of Social.

"Brides usually spend about 14 months planning their wedding and this is the day that they feel like the star of the show," said Roberts. "And so this really makes not not only the star of their wedding but now of the social media bridal world that day."

And what about wedding guests? There's something for you too. You know how it is when you buy a card, you put a check in it and then before the reception you have worry about the card, where you put it. Well, there's a solution.

"Now people can give cash digitally, it's safer, faster and it's a huge convenience for your guests," said Jeff Beil of the web site Tendr, where brides and grooms create a profile. Guests pick a card design, write a personal note and give money using their credit card.

"Our users get a chance to communicate to their guests about their financial goals, their dreams, things they want to do with their money, and it enables their guests to feel invested in the couple's future," said Beil.

It does make you wonder. What's next?
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