France acid attack victims both from New York

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ABC's Molly Hunter reports on the random, terrifying attack outside a train station in the south of France.

Outside a train station in the south of France - a terrifying, random attack. Four Boston College juniors were studying abroad when two of them were attacked with acid. Eyewitness News has learned that the two victims are from New York - one is from White Plains and the other is from Long Island.

Michelle Krug posted on Facebook saying she and her friends were attacked at a Marseille train station by a woman suffering from a mental illness.

"She threw a weak solution of hydrochloric acid at us from a water bottle, which got in one of my eyes and one of my friends' eyes. We were all treated at a local hospital and are anticipating a quick recovery," the post read.

Courtney Sverling also posted that she didn't receive any injuries and that they were all safe.

"One of the students will have to see an eye doctor tomorrow, but they are doing well - spirits are good and we are very fortunate," said Associate Vice President for University Communications, Jack Dunn.

Monday morning, the four, slightly shaken, returned to Paris to finish out their semester abroad.

The Acid Survivor's Trust International estimates about 1,500 reports of acid attacks a year around the world - most concentrated in South Asia. Advocates say it is vastly underreported there, but across Europe and in London, there has been a rise in acid attacks in recent years.

There were more than 400 acid attacks in the last year in the U.K. - just in the last 12 months, on the streets of London, attackers, often on mopeds, strike when the opportunity arises.
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