EXCLUSIVE: Woman talks about surviving falling construction equipment

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Josh Einiger exclusively speaks to the victim of this terrifying accident. (WABC)

The woman whose car was crushed in New Jersey when construction equipment came flying off the truck in front of her exclusively told Eyewitness News her terrifying story.

She is lucky to be alive after surviving this accident in the Essex County Town of Millburn.

Work crews locked the bridge up tight and no cars allowed there after Tuesday's freak crash bent the steel beams holding it up.

"I feel like I have a second chance," said Rasa Krisciunaite, the crash victim.

Rasa Krisciunaite might be the luckiest woman in New Jersey.

The force of the crash sent all that construction equipment flying onto Rasa's car as she drove behind the flatbed at highway speed.

It punched a massive hole in the hood of her car, just inches from her windshield.

"I saw in my mind, my face is smashed, my blood is everywhere, and I'm dead. I had time to think about it. It happened so fast, but still I had those few seconds to see it coming towards me and realize, I'm dead, that's all, I'm done," Krisciunaite said.

State police say the flatbed was carrying a load of equipment that exceeded the bridge's 14'2" posted clearance.

When Rasa saw the equipment hit the bridge and fall into her path, she gripped the wheel so hard her hands were bruised. Her wrist was sprained, and she's so sore she can hardly walk.

And now, she wants answers.

"Who's in charge of that company that was carrying the equipment to follow the law," Krisciunaite said, "They can kill anybody on the roads. Somebody was not responsible at all not realizing how dangerous this is for many people."

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