Man trapped under car in Times Square speaks out

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Darla Miles has the latest details.

A man is speaking out after he was trapped under the car that hit nearly two dozen people in Times Square.

The driver, Richard Rojas, apparently told police he wanted to kill them all.

Not only did Thomas Henry survive this accident, he walked away out of the hospital 24 hours afterwards.

He is sitting up and talking and can walk with a cane and is trying to remember the details of what happened to him Thursday afternoon.

"I did not know that I was hit and under the car," Henry said.

Just to the right of Rojas in a picture, is a man underneath the Honda Accord.

"When the car hit me, I went blank. I lost consciousness, and they pulled me out. The family pulled me out," Thomas said.

Surveillance video from Time Square Thursday afternoon shows the red Honda mowing over pedestrians for three blocks.

He doesn't remember victim Alyssa Elsman or Rojas who is pictured just a few feet away from him.

"I blame him. Partially. He was in war for this country. He is mentally disabled. He is suppose to be protected," Henry said.

Instead, Henry believes concrete stands should have been there long before Rojas allegedly drove through the crowd.

"Now, that is what happened there. They put fancy lights, fancy things to attract the crowd. And, they left the whole area open for the things they know are happening all over the world," Henry said.

Now Henry is home resting. He has some recovery to go. The bruising on his head, his eye, and his leg. He also want to know if the city will be responsible for his medical bills, since he believes they should have protected him from what happened.
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