'Angry' octopus inflates, charges at scuba diver

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A scuba diver captured incredible footage of an octopus charging at her. (Pink Tank Scuba via Storyful)

A scuba diver who captured incredible footage of an octopus charging at her said it seemed "hungry and angry at the same time."

"This octopus was NOT impressed when I interrupted its morning feeding stroll," wrote PT Hirschfield of Pink Tank Scuba YouTube page.

Hirschfield, who regularly shares diving videos, was on a dive near Melbourne, Australia on Jan. 31 when she came across the seemingly angry octopus.

"It confronted me, repeatedly blowing its body up like a parachute to intimidate me with its increased size. When I was not deterred, it headed straight for me, trying to knock me out of the way like a bowling ball," Hirschfield told Storyful.
Hirschfield later wrote that she didn't believe the octopus felt threatened, but guessed that it was trying to make her go away so it could concentrate on getting food.

Even before she was witness to this spectacular display, Hirschfield had great respect for octopuses, she wrote.

"Octopuses are extremely intelligent creatures and this one was using its most creative methods of self defence against a possible threat (even though an octopus loving mermaid like me is really no threat at all)," she said.
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