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What is wind tunnel and how much of an impact can it can have?

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See how the wind tunnel effect can make things a lot colder. (WABC)

One of the things you'll notice walking around the city on a windy day is that it can be windier between the buildings.

**See Jeff Smith's explainer in video player above.**

So why is that? Let's start by looking at normal air flow along a smooth, flat surface. This wind is blowing, unimpeded by any objects.
As soon as we add two large buildings, the picture changes drastically. The same amount of air now gets squeezed between the high-rises, forcing the wind to accelerate, in some cases even doubling in speed. This is the wind tunnel effect. We went outside to find out.

You may be walking outside to a 20 miles per hour and you get in between two buildings and all of a sudden it's gusting to 40 miles per hour.

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