Koreatown's 'Berry' small business helps college student pay for school

KOREATOWN -- Brianna Sanabria's goal is to make her customers smile when they crack open her homemade chocolate treats.

"I do custom chocolate treats. I started it because I lost my job," said Sanabria.

From chocolate covered strawberries to churro cheesecake treats and custom designed desserts, Sanabria's long-term dream and goal is to become a law enforcement officer. Creating and baking is helping her pay for college courses.

"It's a lot of fun to be honest," said Sanabria.She hope in the future she'll be able to achieve her professional goal and continue baking sweets.

If you're looking to place an order, send a direct message to Bree's Berries on Instagram.

"My goal is to make whoever is receiving it, whoever is on the receiving end, to like have the biggest smile, make their whole week with that beautiful order," said Sanabria.

A dozen chocolate strawberries starts at $25, but Sanabria can customize them depending on what you're willing to pay.