New ways to find unclaimed funds

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Ever since 7 On Your Side told you how easy it is to find unclaimed funds, a flood of requests came in from people to claim their lost money. In New York alone, 10 times the number of hits that usually hit the states unclaimed funds website.

Searching your name or, if you're married, your maiden name is just a couple ways to search if you have unclaimed funds.

Did you know you could search the names of deceased relatives to see if they have money, and, if you're able to, claim it? We helped find more than $50,000 waiting for one New Yorker. It was money belonging to her deceased dad. And it was a big amount, more than $50,000.

But when you file a claim for a deceased relatives funds, you'll need a copy of his/her death certificate, and a proof of address that shows the decedent lived at the same address contained in the unclaimed funds account.

For more information please visit:

- Click here to search New York's unclaimed funds
- Click here to search New Jersey's unclaimed funds
- Click here to search Connecticut's unclaimed funds

- Make sure you try your maiden name
- Try searching with no first name
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