Sandy Kenyon reviews the superhero thriller 'Suicide Squad'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A highly anticipated movie has hit the theaters: 'Suicide Squad'.

After sitting down to talk with the all-star cast , I have my review of the superhero thriller.

They are the worst of the worst criminals, characters you will love to hate.

Margot Robbie's character is a former shrink.

"She's a little unhinged," we said. "She's very unhinged," said Robbie.

"Fun to play?" "So fun, so, so fun," she said.

And Harley Quinn is so fun to watch!

Especially during her seduction by 'The Joker' from the 'Batman' comics, played here by Jared Leto, who somehow manages to make the part his own even though the late Heath Ledger earned an Oscar for it.

Who better to fight such an evil villain than a group of hardened cons sprung from prison for that purpose.

But that begs the question: how can the government control the 'Suicide Squad'?

The woman trying to wrangle them may be the toughest of them all!

The mission gets a bit vague at times, the story more than a little murky.

But the characters are so well-developed, I actually cared about what happens to them.

Will Smith shaved his head and grew a beard, and his co-stars showed an equal level of physical and emotional commitment that pays off in the one essential must-see movie of the summer.

Most movies based on comic books fail to impress me, but I really liked 'Suicide Squad'.

It's an edgy independent film masquerading as a summer blockbuster, and what it lacks in coherent plot is more than made up by quirky characters and the talented stars who play them.

Can't remember the last time I liked one of these more than most critics.

But in this case, the negative reviews are wrong.
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