Legendary singer Tony Bennett performs in SF for his 90th birthday

SAN FRANCISCO -- To help celebrate his 90th birthday, music legend Tony Bennett serenaded an audience for a benefit concert inside the Fairmont Hotel's Venetian Room - just like he did when he first debuted the song nearly 55 years ago.

The audience was made up of the city's best known financiers, artists and politicians. Mixed in among the group were two women, who have a special connection to Bennett's hit "I Left My Heart (in San Francisco)." They watched Bennett sing it here for the first time.

"My husband, who loved to dance and go to parties said, that guy is going somewhere," said Polly Taylor, a Bennett fan.

"He did go somewhere, and I love him because he's a year older than I am," laughed Bambi Bisho.

VIDEO: Tony Bennett statue unveiled at Fairmont in San Francisco
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A statue was unveiled in San Francisco on Friday in honor Tony Bennett's 90th birthday. Here's a look at what the music icon had to say at the joyous celebration.

Since that night, decades ago, "I Left My Heart (in San Francisco)" has become the city's signature song.

For Polly and Bambi, who have played the tune over the years, did so just so they could dance with their husbands at family parties. But last year, their husbands passed away.

"Ted and Tom were fishing partners and hunting partners and good, good friends for a long, long time," said Polly.

"As Polly said, we're going to try not to cry," said Bambi.

So, Mr. Bennett's performance, is more than an ode to the city - it's a tribute to Ted and Tom, and so many others.

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