Problem publicist for small biz owner

Where it happens (WABC) -- It was a story even a savvy public relations person had trouble explaining. Because the story was about her and her client who said she paid hundreds for good press, but got nothing, until 7 On Your Side shined the spotlight on her.

The store owner's still steaming, months after she forked over $1,500 to a public relations firm to get her mom and pop kids shop on the map.

Adrian East started the small business that bears her name, trading Wall Street for Madison Avenue in 2002 to launch her dream-designing and selling specialty children's wear. Last November, Adrian decided to hire a publicist to grow her brand and get her media interviews.

The three-month deal for $1,500 came with a "guarantee of success." And a promise of a finished "press release." The PR agent boasted she already set up "two interviews."

But the interviews never happened and Adrian says the publicist never even came to her store to pick up samples to market for fashion week.

Fed up, she had enough, but when she tried to collect on her money back guarantee there was trouble.

After 7 On Your Side's calls, the publicist promised payment by week's end, but she didn't pay up.

So we went to the pay the PR person a visit. From behind a locked door, she said she vowed to make good. And this time, her word was good.

Just shy of a year later, she got most of her refund in money orders.

The publicist still owes $200. She promised it to Adrian by next Tuesday. We'll be on top of it.

One takeaway, Adrian had the terms of her agreement in writing, that's always a plus. Also, she did her communication with her publicist, mostly on email. That's very smart since we all the promises and guarantees are in writing and time and date stamped.

Update 11/4 4:35pm The PR agent (a week after promising the balance) finally delivered the remainder, $200.
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