Bowler rolls the 'world's fastest' perfect 300 game in 86.9 seconds

If you think bowling a perfect game is impressive, take a look at this guy.

Ben Ketola, a bowling alley employee near Syracuse, New York, rolled a perfect game in 86.9 seconds. It's believed to be the fastest anyone's ever achieved the feat.

He did it by rolling strikes in 10 lanes before running back to roll two more strikes in the first two lanes again, making for a perfect score of 300. Though the feat has not yet been recognized by Guinness World Records, it is believed to be the fastest in the world, according to

Ketola, 23, told he was attempting to break pro bowler Tom Dougherty's self-proclaimed record from 2015.

This was not Ketola's first attempt, but his friend happened to be recording when he pulled it off.

"I honestly wasn't expecting to do it," Ketola told the paper. "I just wanted to see how quickly I could get across the house and get strikes."
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