Stray bullet bursts into elderly couple's Coney Island bedroom

CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (WABC) -- An elderly couple in Brooklyn had a very close call when a stray bullet came bursting into their bedroom.

91-year-old Isaak Ryznikov spends most of his days napping.

He lives in a building on West 31st Street in Coney Island, in a third floor apartment with his wife Ydif.

The couple was in their bedroom on May 1st, sleeping at around 3 a.m., and heard a noise.

"I heard a glass, seemed like it broke. It sounded like my lamp fell down and broke," Isaak said.

The pair didn't think much of it, neither did their live in home health care aide who was also sleeping in the next room.

"I thought it was the kids that threw a rock and broke the window," Isaak said.

The double pane window had huge hole near the top of the glass.

Still thinking it was maybe rocks, they didn't call police.

But then a few days later, Isaak spotted something else.

"I saw the bullet hole, I called the police and they came and said, 'Yes, it's a bullet hole,'" Isaak said.

It turns out, someone was firing a gun outside and a stray bullet not intended for the couple hit their window, flew just inches above the bed they were sleeping in and ended up lodged in the closet door.

The whole ordeal could have been a lot worse.

When Ydif can't sleep, she'll often sit in a chair right in front of the closet.

Had she been there that morning she would have been hit.

Ydif says that she's not nervous, and what can you say, it happened.

Isaak, a World War II paratrooper is pretty low key about the near miss.

"I saw more in the war, much more," Isaak said.
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