Dogs that were poisoned, shot, run over in Egypt rescued to New York City

EAST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) -- Several dogs rescued from horrific situations in the Middle East are in the Big Apple, looking for forever homes.

The East Side of Manhattan is a long way from Egypt, where Marzi was found riddled by shotgun blasts. Rescuers helped her and three other dogs get to the New York City, where Holly Derito, of Waggy Tail Rescue, took over.

"One of them had been shot by shotguns and left for dead," she said. "Another had been poisoned. Another had been hit by a car intentionally."

The fourth, Smiley, had been abandoned. But it was Marzi that was the worst off, and she was treated at Whole Health Veterinary Hospital.

Veterinarian Timothy Mann said there was a spray of pellets throughout Marzi's body, but two in particular -- one in the jaw and one in the eye socket -- were causing major problems. He removed those and many more, but he was unable to save her right eye.

"I'm always marveling at how dogs have so much pain and can be so happy," he said. "And Marzi is the best embodiment of that."

There are still dozens of these shotgun pellets inside her body, but the doctor thinks none is impacting her in a painful way. Even with stitches still in, she's in good spirits.

"If someone raised the money to fly these dogs to New York City, where I knew I could find homes for them, I couldn't say no," Derito said.

Marzi and her Eygptian friends are all spayed, microchipped and vaccinated, but only Smiley has found a permanent home so far. Felicia Greenfield is currently fostering Marzi, and anyone interested in adopting her can find more information at
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