Portland transgender man gives birth to baby boy

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Trystan Reese and his husband Biff Chaplow introduced Leo to the world. Trystan gave birth to Leo in mid-July. (KATU)

A couple in Portland, Oregon, has welcomed a son who was born to a transgender dad.

"I would say it's unique," Trystan Reese, who gave birth to Leo, told KATU. "I understand that people are not used to two men having a biological child between the two of them. So we know it's unique."

Reese, who was born female, started taking hormones to transition to male about a decade ago, according to KATU. Reese and his husband, Biff Chaplow, said that doctors told them it would be safe and healthy for Reese to give birth. Reese stopped taking hormones when he got pregnant.

The couple had been parents to Chaplow's niece, Hailey, and nephew, Riley, for seven years before Reese became pregnant with Leo. The couple experienced a miscarriage shortly before Leo.

"We hope that people will see that this is just another way how love shows up in the world," Reese told KATU when he was pregnant with Leo.

When Leo was born a little over two weeks ago, Chaplow said, it was a beautiful moment.

"The moment that he was born was just like a pure moment of bliss," he said, "like the happiest moment of my life."

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