7 On Your Side: Bronx street starts collapsing

NEW YORK (WABC) -- 7 On Your Side's pothole patrol hits Baychester, after complaints of a partial street cave-in come in. Nina Pineda shows you how to fight the city and win, if you're car is damaged by a pot hole.

It's a bumpy, wavy, up and down ride on this twisted street. If you drive down it, you might have two big surprises in store.

Pot holes, you could fit several pots inside. These cave-ins swallow up this plastic hamper, and spit out shredded tires like chewing gum.

"Oh they're like craters. I don't know why they don't fix it. It's really bad," said Milton Morris, a Bronx bus driver. He cautions drivers to avoid the 2900 block of Bruner Ave. at all costs.

Renee Degout says she and her neighbor have been complaining long and loud about their street conditions.

"You can call you can complain they don't do nothing," Degout said.

That sickening thud signaling you're about to get a flat is what cracked Chief Okoroji tire rod and axel a few weeks ago in the same neighborhood. His bumper now hanging on by a coat hanger.

7 On Your Side took the complaints about the partial collapse to the city, sending photos showing the deep holes filled with broken glass and all sort of garbage.

Within one business day, NYC Department of Environmental Protection crews crews came out and filled both little craters, residents say it's a start to repairing their streets permanently

The big takeaway is before filing a claim, find out who owns the street. It could be the state, the county or a municipality. Then compile relevant documentation, like pictures of the pot holes, damage to your car, estimates for the damage, etc. And be very mindful of deadlines. In New York City, you have 90 days from the date of the incident to file the claim. Good luck!
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