NYPD investigating possible bias attack after cars vandalized on Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND (WABC) -- The NYPD is investigating what they are calling a possible bias incident on Staten Island.

Several cars were vandalized and spray painted Saturday night in the same neighborhood as the March Against Police Brutality in the wake of the apparent chokehold death of Eric Garner.

The incident may have been isolated, but many Staten Island residents are concerned at the timing of the vandalism. It appears that four cars were targeted by vandals who spray painted vulgar word symbols and racist graffiti on the vehicles. The cars were parked within a few feet of each other on Westervelt Avenue.

One victim says he is concerned about the ugly nature of the crime. He says that in the middle of the night he found out that there was graffiti on his brother-in-law's window with a bad word on it, so he came outside to clean it up.

All of the filth sprayed on the cars has now been cleaned up, but there is worry that this could all happen again.

Police are keeping a close eye on Westervelt Avenue, a diverse block which has not had any racial incidents. It makes the victim wonder if there is a connection.

"I've been here for six or seven years, it's the first time, and it's really weird after the marches and protests," he said, "and for this to happen that same exact night, it's pretty out of the norm."

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