Quick thinking reunites woman with rings lost at Manhattan restaurant

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A woman lost three important bands on her ring finger in a Manhattan restaurant, but thanks to some quick thinking, she now has them back.

The three rings together tell a story of all that's good and pure in the life of Jennie Moness, who had her daughter Tess in her arms.

The rings are her engagement and wedding rings, on either side of one her mom gave her when she was trying to get pregnant.

"The blue sapphire band from my mom was her grandmother's sapphire, she made them into a band," said Jennie.

And Sunday night she lost all three of them.

"I'm like, this is what it feels like to unravel, I'm a new mom, everything's a little crazy," she said. "And then when I lost the most meaningful possession to me last night, it's all falling apart."

Jennie and her husband were at dinner Sunday night at the Jue Lan Club on West 20th Street when she took those rings off and totally forgot about them.

"I had this young woman who was hysterically crying, bawling her poor eyes out," said restaurant owner Naiome Ram.

Naiome and her staff looked around on the floor, around the table, in the rest room, and even out in the street. But nothing, and then:

"I actually had an epiphany," said Naiome. "Wait a minute, what if during the service, the bus boy could have taken the linens and actually taken it to the linen company,"

So she called Robert Frankel, owner of Prestige Towel and Supply. "In the back of my head I'm thinking there's no way we're gonna find one of these, let alone all three," he said.

But one of his employees did. Right near where they sort the linens

Robert called Naiome. "I'm like, Rob, you're kidding me," she said.

And Naiome called Jen. "I was just the happiest and most grateful," she said.

And Monday night, the Jue Lan Club made a delivery.

"I'll forever be grateful to both of them," said Jennie.
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