What Mercury retrograde really means

The first Mercury retrograde of 2018 is on its way, and it's causing some believers in astrology to be cautious. This year it will start on March 22 and last until April 15, and it will be the first of three Mercury retrogrades this year.

Mercury retrograde occurs when the planet Mercury moves in a direction opposite of Earth. Planets typically move from east to west around the sun, but when Mercury is in retrograde it moves west to east.

Although, this is a normal amount of Mercury retrogrades per year, according to astrologist this year is special due to the signs Mercury will be moving through fire signs such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

According to astrologists, Mercury is ruled by communication and mental function. The bad reputation of Mercury retrograde is due to the instances of miscommunication, misunderstandings, and overall mishaps that occur during these periods.

However, this can be a time of understanding, and also a period of resting, relaxing and re-prioritizing life.