Connecticut man charged with 1st degree murder in fatal hit-and-run

BRIDGEPORT, CT (WABC) -- Detectives have charged a man with 1st degree manslaughter in connection with a fatal hit-and-run car accident that happened on Aug. 9. in Bridgeport, CT.

Suspect Dennis Berrios, 36, surrendered to police after being informed of a warrant for his arrest.

Berrios allegedly hit 21-year-old Tyron Tate with his Chevrolet Avalanche as Tate was crossing the street with a second male on Noble Avenue. Berrios then left the scene.

Tate was later pronounced dead at Bridgeport Hospital.

Police encountered a large crowd at the scene and later reviewed video footage from a nearby business.

Working with the community, police quickly identified Berrios as a possible suspect and his address.

The next day, an officer located Berrios and his vehicle on Park Avenue.

Berrios initially denied involvement in the hit-and-run accident but later acknowledged his involvement in the accident after being informed of the evidence the police compiled, authorities said.

Berrios, however, told police that Tate and his friends were the aggressors after they threw rocks at his vehicle following an ongoing dispute. Other witnesses told police that Berrios intentionally swerved his vehicle toward Tate.

In addition to being charged with 1st degree manslaughter, Berrios also faces charges of attempted 1st degree manslaughter and criminal mischief.

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