Girl wins Doodle for Google contest with adorable dinosaur drawing

FALLS CHURCH, Virginia -- If you logged onto Google on Tuesday you may have noticed the "doodle" -- a cute, colorful and interactive row of dinosaurs.

Now, meet its artist.

6-year-old Sarah Gomez-Lane, from Virginia, is this year's Doodle for Google winner.

Her drawing was chosen from the work of 183,000 children nationwide.

The theme of this year's contest was to draw what inspires you. Sarah chose dinosaurs because her dream is to one day become a paleontologist.

But she explains, it was a stormy day that gave her the inspiration to create.

"There was no work and no school because the power went out. So, the only thing we could do was do the Doodle for Google," Sarah said.

Sarah also receives a $30,000 college scholarship.
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