Get ready to kick some butt with Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, New York (WABC) -- If you like darts, then you will LOVE throwing axes in Brooklyn!

Kick Axe Throwing is all the rage! Grab a group of friends and head into a indoor lodge with brews, axes and 'Axperts' that teach you how to play.

The Axperts will teach the basics in about 10-15 minutes and then you will get to compete in fun games such as '211 or 'Moose,' which is just like playing 'Horse' in basketball, where you have to hit the exact target as the person you're playing against.

You and a bunch of your friends then get first-hand instruction on how to properly throw an ax.

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The cost is $35 per person, and brings with it loads of fun!

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