Sandy Kenyon reviews 'What Men Want,' starring Taraji P. Henson

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Mel Gibson learned "What Women Want" in the 2000 hit movie, because his character found he could hear their thoughts. The idea is what Hollywood calls a "high concept," and it's been reimagined almost two decades later for Taraji P. Henson, who plays a woman who can hear the innermost thoughts of men.

Henson's character is Ali Davis, a sports agent hoping to become a partner in a bad boys club, but any resemblance to what really happens at such an agency in real life is purely coincidental.

Ali has her eye on a young basketball prospect, but to get to him, she must go through his father, Joe Dolla, played by Tracy Morgan.

He's one of the funniest guys alive, and he had me in hysterics just by reciting the ingredients of his son's breakfast smoothie. But his chemistry with her character never has a chance to fire up fully.

Tea with a psychic and a blow to the head leaves Ali with the ability to hear what men are thinking and learn "What Men Want." What first looks like it might be an advantage doesn't really work out that way -- especially when she learns the groom-to-be of one of her best friends is anything but honorable.

Why she feels obliged to let everyone know about this while her pal is standing at the altar on her wedding day still remains a mystery to me, but it does make for a very funny scene.

Too much of this plot would never happen, though her love interest, played by Aldis Hodge, seemed real enough for the ladies at a screening I attended.

I hoped that this comedy would be as funny as the trailer, but "What Men Want" needed to be funnier.

In the end, I enjoyed the enjoyment of those watching more than I loved the movie itself.

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