Small Midwest town of Story, Indiana up for sale

STORY, Ind. -- Story, Indiana, a town just an hour east of Bloomington, is on the market for a hefty price, and the new owner could also be the town's new mayor.

The small town has a long history dating back to 1851 when President Millard Fillmore granted the land that the town now sits on to its namesake, Dr. George P. Story. The doctor then opened a general store that became extremely popular in the early 20th century for being well-stocked with a variety of goods.

Story faced tough times after railroad and highway expansions bypassed the town, a man-made lake cut off access from Bloomington, and the Great Depression caused economic struggle all around. Dr. Story's general store managed to stay afloat through the 1970s despite decreased traffic through the area, and now Story, Ind. has become a popular attraction for tourists from across the Midwest.

Old homes have been renovated and transformed into guest houses, and Dr. Story's general store is now a popular regional restaurant with historic undertones. Visitors can kick back and relax in the local bed and breakfast, enjoy a gourmet meal at a farm-to-table restaurant, explore neighboring Brown County State Park on horseback, or just take in the town's rich history.

This small town isn't cheap. Story is on the market for $3.8 million, but the history that comes with it is priceless.

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