Salt being stolen from West Milford DPW

WEST MILFORD, N.J. (WABC) -- Plowing and salting, those are prime weapons in the battle against snowy roads,

But, there's a big problem in one town in New Jersey. Somebody's taking road salt from the big public stash that sits in the middle of the Passaic County Town of West Milford.

While most West Milford residents stood in line to pay for salt to keep their driveways and walkways clear, some figured why not just take it from the town's salt dome for free.

"That's not right the rest of us have to pay for it. That's why the taxes are what they are," said Erica Basile, a resident.

"They shouldn't do that. It's stealing. Plain and simple, it's stealing," said Dan Janeli, a resident.

Sources say town officials sent an internal memo to Department of Public Works Employees, saying don't allow non-employees into the depots.

That memo was sent to DPW workers letting them know, really reminding them, that people just can't come in and take what they want, this salt is for the town.

Earlier this month, towns in northern New Jersey suffered from dwindling supplies and salt delivery delays.

Residents understand why people might be desperate, but say fair is fair, that salt is to keep the roads safe.

"They used to leave buckets out at the end of the street and the DPW would fill them up. But now it all depends on who you know," said Jim Todd, a resident.

"I think that it's fine if people need it, but they should be paying for it, honestly, if they need it, they need it," said Jillian Todd, a resident.

"We got plenty of it, just go out and buy it," Basile said.
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