Coronavirus News: Connecticut woman says she never felt symptoms, but tested positive

NORWALK, Connecticut (WABC) -- A woman in Connecticut is warning other people after she tested positive for COVID-19 even though she says she never felt sick.

Christine Keegan of Norwalk says she ordered a thermometer in early March when coronavirus concerns were growing, but there was a two-week backlog.

She says she felt completely fine.

Keegan finally checked her temperature on the 21st and it said she had a 100.5 fever.

She called her doctor and was told she had a symptom of COVID-19.

"It sounds like you've got the symptoms, it sounds like you've got it, act like you do, act like you've got a positive test and stay home," Keegan said. "I actually for the first time through all of this got scared."

Keegan says she has no idea how she got the virus.

She is no longer running her errands and is instead using grocery and other delivery services.


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