The most hackable holiday gifts

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It's the most wonderful time of the year, and criminals can't wait until you unwrap that gift, and start using it, giving them a way to worm their way into your financial life through ways you never even dreamed.

Americans spent more than $100 million on drones this year. The flying device is a cyber-criminal's dream according to Rob Siciliano, online safety expert for Intel Security.

"Anytime you see a drone in the area recognize it could be peeping on you," Siciliano said.

Hackers can use drones to find a way into your financial life either through the devices internet connection or camera.

"Anything WIFI is hacakble. Anything bluetooth can be compromised," Siciliano said.

Siciliano warns If you don't update the drones firmware and use password protected Wi-Fi your drone can be hijacked.

Kids love connecting through tech. And hackers can use kids toys like remote control cars to jump onto your phone, laptop or desktop.

Siciliano recommends running anti-virus anti-malware and anti-phishing software, and setting up firewalls on on all of your devices and researching those apps.

Before downloading apps, read what it accesses. Many parents aren't aware you're giving permission to turn on cameras or access photos, contacts and emails.

"A potential criminal could just be a hacker playing games. It could also be a predator or pedophile that now has full access to your children," Siciliano said.

Next, those Smart Watches and fitness trackers, hot gifts, but their wireless technology makes wearers vulnerable to hackers.

"It's a wireless Bluetooth connection. The Fit Bit is sending information to my phone that's how hackers get in and can steal anything on here," said
Andrea Woroch, a consumer expert. "Don't store any password to financial accounts on your phone make sure they're changed up regularly."

Ebooks, tablets and smartphones make ideal affordable gifts but are also are the path of least resistance for hacker.

"When a criminal mind is mining a device, they're digging deep finding info on it and finding passage to other devices," Siciliano said.
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