7 On Your Side: September best bets

PARAMUS, New Jersey (WABC) -- "If it can't wait until Black Friday, then buy it now."

That's the advice from consumer expert Janice Lieberman as we take a look at the best buys for the month of September.

And she's talking about appliances, big and small. Labor Day sales slash the prices on refrigerators, grills, washers, dryers and dorm room essentials.

"You think you send them off, and you don't want to hear from them again," Lieberman said. "But they're calling, 'I need a coffee pot, I need something for the room. It's a good time to pick up dorm items, small appliances, or engagement gifts or holiday gifts."

For even more savings, look for returned items or floor samples on sale.

"This is an inside secret, if at places like Best Buy, go look for the open box department," Lieberman said. "This (dryer) is $569. They're giving it to you for $381."

Our expert advises shoppers to make sure open box discounts includes a warranty. And if you're eyeballing a new TV, it all comes down to size. Wait for Black Friday on the bigger sets, but you can save a lot on smaller ones.

Next comes technology products, and there are deals to be had on laptops.

"As you walk around, you'll see that we have a lot of great specials going on for back to school and a lot of great back-to-school deals," said Nima Namatalla, general manager at Best Buy in Paramus.

Best Buy is offering $50 off its total tech support program with the purchase of a laptop.

Now is also the time to save on mattresses, bed linen, bikes and outdoor gear, plus last year's phones.

"So when the new iPhones are released, which we're anticipating end of September, possibly October, they're very secretive, the older versions will go on sale," Lieberman said.

So if you're not a person who needs the latest, go for the previous generation. A refurbished model will save you even more, but make sure it works, comes from a reputable vendor, and comes with a warranty.

If you're dreaming about not working and taking a fall break, Lieberman says travel to Europe and the Caribbean is on sale this month.

"If you're thinking of traveling Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is a great time to check airfare and book now for those times," she said.

Airfare is only going to start to get up for holiday travel, so September the time to make your move on tickets.

September also bring discounts on two favorite food groups, coffee and pizza.

National Cheese Pizza Day is September 5, so sink your teeth in $5 large pizza pies. Last year, Domino's, Pizza Hut and Papa John's all got into the game with specials. And mark your calendar for September 29, which is National Coffee Day. Look for freebies and discounts on your cup of joe at Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, WaWa, McDonald's and many national chains.


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