Con Ed smashes woman's car, she gets 7 On Your Side after an estimate gone wrong

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It was a Con Edison crash and then a controversy. That's what one Bronx retiree says who's been without her wheels for weeks after the utility smashed her parked car.

"That amount is a ridiculous amount to fix the damage incurred," said Sonia Rodriguez, car owner.

Rodriguez is steamed after Con Ed offered just $797 and change to fix all the damage left after one of its vehicles sideswiped her Honda Civic , which was parked out in front of her home.

"No one in their right mind would offer $797 for these damages to my car," she said.

Just a few weeks ago, Rodriguez and her boyfriend were relaxing in the Poconos. But when they got back she found her Civic smashed. Left behind was a hand-written note from Con Ed taking responsibility saying they "made contact" with her car.

"They didn't make contact with my car, they damaged my car," Rodriguez said.

She brought the car to her body shop.

"This is a major, major job," said Sonny Vazquez, body shop manager.

Vazquez pointed out the Civic's crumpled quarter panel and dents and scrapes that ran from bumper to bumper.

"It's the whole length of the car. Here, here, and here," he said.

Con Ed's adjuster said it got the $700 low ball estimate from one of Vasquez's men.

"I don't know who he talked to, but he didn't talk to us and we manage the place," he said.

When Sonia asked Con Ed for proof of where the estimate originated, "I said to give me something in writing, but he couldn't."

Rodriguez submitted Vasquez's estimate. To heal her Honda it will cost a whopping $2,700.

While the car sat, she piled up Uber bills to get to her doctor's appointments.

"They just gave me a hard time," she said. "It was back and forth, back and forth."

Sick of being confounded by Con Ed she called 7 On Your Side. We sent pictures of the damage along with Vasquez's higher estimate. Within hours, a resolution was reached.

"When they called, I was so excited!" Rodriguez said.

Con Edison told us they were working on resolving Rodriguez's claim when we called.

But hours after we called, Con Ed offered to pay Rodriguez $3,007 and reimburse all her Uber rides while the car is in the shop.

"Channel 7 On Your Side, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Rodriguez said.

The big takeaway is when filing a claim, act fast. Con Edison gives you just 30 days from the date of the incident to file. New York City gives you 90 days.

If there's any damage, get a detailed written estimate. And if you're able, get two. That way they can't say one estimate is too high.

Also, document everything. Take in-focus pictures and video of the damage. Follow up by using emails so that there's a paper trail.

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