7 On Your Side helps customer avoid hot tub hustle after he won contest, but store refused to pay up

QUEENS VILLAGE (WABC) -- Craig Prescott says he had never won anything in his life, until last Christmas when he thought he won a hot tub worth more than $6,500.

But instead, Prescott says he nearly got a hot tub hustle.

In December, he saw an ad for Aqua Living Factory Outlet, in Bay Shore on Long Island, offering customers their money back on hot tub purchases of more than $5,000 if it rained or snowed at least one inch on Christmas Day.

Prescott says he was already planning on buying a hot tub so he went to check the most up-to-date 7-day AccuWeather forecast on Eyewitness News.

"So, you were watching Lee on the forecast and saw something was going to happen," Eyewitness News Nina Pineda said.

"I watch Eyewitness News faithfully," Prescott said.

As meteorologist Lee Goldberg predicted, snow blanketed much of the Tri-State on the holiday and Prescott thought he had given himself a Christmas present.

"I knew we won. I was ecstatic," Prescott said.

But, the store refused to refund his money because less than an inch of precipitation fell at John F. Kennedy Airport, the nearest international airport.

However, Prescott noticed the contest terms stated it would use the precipitation totals reported at the "regional or international airport weather station... closest to the store."

"The nearest airport to where I made the purchase is MacArthur," Prescott said.

MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma is less than 15 miles from the store

"Even after you argued and said that's the closest airport, they still said no go?," Pineda said.

"No go," Prescott said. "I just knew it was time to call you. Nina always gets the job done."

So, 7 On Your Side contacted the national office of Aqua Living Factory Outlets.

Its owner thanked us for reaching out and said the promotion had winners in Philadelphia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Detroit all of which were determined by the nearest international airports.

But when 7 On Your Side pointed out their terms said otherwise, the company delivered, refunding Prescott's purchase in full.

Months later, Prescott got to enjoy the first soak in his new spa.

"I'm about to enjoy my new hot tub, come rain, sleet, or snow. Thanks 7 On Your Side," Prescott said.


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