7 On Your Side Investigates: Lawmakers reveal 10 most dangerous bus companies

NEW YORK (WABC) -- In the wake of a deadly bus collision in Flushing, Queens, a group of Democratic state lawmakers put out a report of the top 10 most dangerous bus companies operating in New York City.

At the top of the list was Sagbus, also out of Flushing, which has only one bus that racked up 18 violations in 24 months.

Number two on the list was Yep Tours, which was the focus of a 7 On Your Side Investigation that revealed the company -- with a fleet of 10 buses -- had 212 violations, the most of any carrier in the region. Authorities say 21 of those violations were for speeding, though a Yep manager insisted they have improved.

"We are getting better and better," the manager said.

Number three on the list of most dangerous buses is No. 1 Bus Tour, with two buses that picked up 24 violations. The 10 worst companies had a total of 104 violations for unsafe driving.

"Some of their actions are absolutely horrendous, and they put people in jeopardy," state Senator Tony Avella said.

The lawmakers want to double fines to $5,000 for bus operators who hide a driver's DWI history from the Department of Motor Vehicles. That's what the state says the Dahlia bus company did with their driver who was allegedly speeding when he crashed into an MTA bus last week, killing three people.

"It's really unconscionable that you are on a bus, entrusting your life to, and he's been convicted of driving under the influence," state Senator Jesse Hamilton said. "Sort of like giving a bank robber a job in a bank."

But politicians made promises back in 2011 after 15 people were killed when a driver with convictions for manslaughter and larceny lost control of his bus and crashed on I-95 in the Bronx.

"It was important to take a look to see if even worse companies, and unfortunately based on the matrix, there are worse companies," state Senator Jeff Klein said. "We have a study, an investigation, we are going to deal with the issue and fight to have this legislation done."

Lawmakers say their bill will also require bus companies to post safety records on their websites or where they sell tickets. It is unclear how this would be enforced, though, since many of the operators are from other states, giving New York less legal leverage.

Top 10 Worst Bus Companies - Unsafe Driving Measure
1. Sagbus, Inc. - Flushing, Queens
2. Yep Tour, Inc. - Worchester, MA
3. No. 1 Bus Tour, Inc. - New York, NY
4. Safari Tour, Inc. - Brooklyn, NY
5. Soe Tour, Inc. - Rockland, MA
6. K Line Tours LLC, doing business as Funaway Tours - Yonkers, NY
7. Dahlia Group, Inc. - Flushing, Queens
8. Eastern Coach, Inc. - Himgham, MA
9. Victoria's Transportation Co., Inc., doing business as Victoria's Tour & Co. - New York, NY
10. Jet Tours USA, Inc., doing business as Sight Seeing Tours - East Rutherford, NJ

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