Give a spot, take a spot with SpotPog parking app

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Finding parking spots can be a full time job and full time headache.

A new app is hoping to ease the pain and the hope is that the app will get a jump-start in Brooklyn.

"I circled around actually a few times and I noticed someone getting in. And so I just kind of sat and waited until they pulled out, it's Brooklyn, it's New York," said Shaquana Peterson, a driver.

She's right; there are so few neighborhoods in New York City where street parking is easy to come by.

"I circled around for about seven or eight minutes so it wasn't too bad, but sometimes it takes up to half an hour, it really just depends on the day," said Natalie King, a driver.

Now there's a new free app designed to reduce that circling and waiting.

"We said, hey why don't we come up with a way for people who are leaving to tell people they're leaving exchange spaces with them and be a good neighbor, but also then get credit for it and use that later on to get spaces of their own," said Evan Thies, the spokesman for "SpotPog".

SpotPog works on credits or pogs.

Give a spot away, get a pog. Take a spot, give a pog.

Other apps that charged actual money for public parking spots have been shut down in a number of cities, but SpotPog this is more about good will and community.

"The success of this app is up to New Yorkers. We want them to use it to create a better parking environment for drivers and also help the actual environment by taking traffic off on the street," Thies said.

But of course the app needs to generate money and there is that component. People who own spaces or garages rent out those out for a price and SpotPog takes a cut.

That's a little like Airbnb, but for private parking spots.

It's one that community leaders like Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is backing.

"We always have to find ways to help homeowners make ends meet," Adams said.

That will free up more spots for drivers.

SpotPogs helps you located them, and what time the spot will become available.

King already uses parking apps to streamline the process. She says she'll use SpotPog too.

"I think it will definitely work and spread good will around the city," King said.
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