Dave Evans | ABC7 WABC News Team
Dave Evans is Channel 7 Eyewitness News' political reporter. Since arriving here in 1999, Evans has covered every major election from the mayoral campaigns of Mike Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio to the Presidential race of Hillary Clinton in 2008.

He has worked as Eyewitness News' lead reporter in every political convention since 2000 and has traveled extensively for ABC7, from covering the war in Iraq to Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent visit to Israel.

Before joining us Evans worked at WFAA-TV, the ABC station in Dallas. There he covered issues as varied as the American intervention in Haiti and the war in El Salvador.

Evans is graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He has won numerous awards including the DuPont-Columbia award for team coverage of the World Trade Center attacks. He has also been awarded the Associated Press Best Reporter in Texas as well as two Dallas Katie awards for his government reporting.

Evans has competed in many triathlons and marathons, is an avid cook and gardener, and, to the aggravation of many, still roots for his Dallas Cowboys.

Dave's Stories
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There are only 61 locations to vote across the city, so residents may have to travel outside their regular voting location.
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NYPD crime stats reveal drop in arrests since firing of officer in Eric Garner death
Crime statistics released Wednesday by the NYPD point to a disturbing trend - that police are doing less since the firing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the arrest and death of Eric Garner.
NYPD commissioner downplays talk of slowdown, says he's not resigning
Despite rumblings of a police slowdown after the NYPD fired the officer involved in the death of Eric Garner, Commissioner James O'Neill cited a police-involved shooting in Queens Thursday night as an example of proactive police work that is still going on.
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After a tour on Monday, Regional HUD Director Lynne Patton said things are improving at NYCHA public housing, but she says it's not fast enough and she blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio.
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Many challenges face the Office of Emergency Management, but Eyewitness News took a tour with new Commissioner Deanne Criswell -- who on Monday replaced New York City's most senior official, Joe Esposito.
Queens District Attorney race could be a nail-biter
A surprising endorsement Friday in the Queens District Attorney Race, just four days before the primary election.
New York City to accept advisory group recommendations on school diversity
Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza say they will be accepting 62 recommendations proposed by the independent School Diversity Advisory Group.