South Carolina deputies retract incorrect statement in shooting of attorney Alex Murdaugh

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- More mystery now surrounds the case of a prominent South Carolina lawyer who was shot on the side of the road a day after he was ousted for stealing money from his law firm and months after his wife and son were killed.

Law enforcement is now retracting a police report from the incident where Alex Murdaugh was shot.

Murdaugh called 911 shortly after 1:30 p.m. on September 4. He was changing his tire on the side of the road in South Carolina when he said someone shot him.

He was airlifted to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries. However, the police report from the incident initially said there were no visible injuries to Murdaugh.

Hampton County Sheriff's Office has since retracted that report saying it made a mistake and admitting Murdaugh did have visible injuries.

Murdaugh's family went further, saying that he had entry and exit wounds as well as a skull fracture.

All of this comes months after Murdaugh's wife and 22-year-old son were found shot dead near their hunting lodge in June.

Murdaugh has since entered rehab because "the murders of my wife and son have caused an incredibly difficult time in my life. I have made a lot of decisions that I truly regret."

The South Carolina Supreme Court indefinitely suspended his law license last week.

The PMPED law firm said Murdaugh had misappropriated an unspecified amount of money and would no longer be associated with the firm.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division confirmed on Monday that they are the law enforcement agency investigating the missing money from the law firm.

"As Chief of SLED, I continue to urge the public to be patient and let this investigation take its course. Investigative decisions we make throughout this case and any potentially related case must ultimately withstand the scrutiny of the criminal justice process," said Chief Mark Keel. "As with all cases, SLED is committed to conducting a professional, thorough, and impartial criminal investigation, no matter where the facts lead us."

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