Warmer weather could be tough on allergy sufferers

NEW YORK (WABC) -- While most of us are enjoying the warm weather, some people will be paying a price.

The warmer temperatures, 30 degrees above average for two straight days, may wreak havoc for allergy sufferers.

"This year takes the cake because the weather got so warm so quickly, root systems are really healthy because of all the precipitation we had during the late winter, they're primed and ready to go and there's an early pollen release," said Dr. Cliff Bassett, Medical Director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York.

Dr. Bassett explains over the last decade allergy season is pushed up two weeks but the spring fever has his office on allergy alert.

"We are seeing record temperatures throughout the country, very warm weather, and I believe that pollen season is going to be escalating," he said.

Above average temperatures are forecast through spring by both NOAA and AccuWeather with doses of above average precipitation too.

Those are the ideal conditions for aggressive pollen counts. The secret is to find out what pollens make you sneeze and cough by getting tested.

"Early judicious treatment with medications, over the counter and otherwise, is very effective and we want to prevent suffering, we want to enjoy Mother Nature but still feel good at the same time," said Dr. Bassett.

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