Gator makes surprise visit, crashes Florida family's Thanksgiving

FORT MYERS, FL -- A Florida family's Thanksgiving was interrupted by an uninvited guest at the front door: a 9-foot long alligator!

The reptile crawled up on the family's front porch and caused quite the ruckus.

Homeowner Chhaya Beharry heard hissing and banging coming from her front door.

"I looked through the window and sure enough there's a gigantic alligator and his tail was just smacking my door," Beharry said.

The noise not only scared Beharry and her guests but her neighbors too. They reached out to her via Facebook to let her know about the alligator.

"There was golf carts and trucks full of people, they just wanted to see the show, but then I had to tell them to leave just in case anybody got hurt," Beharry said.

Eventually, Florida Wildlife Control arrived to remove the gator, but it did not go quietly.

When agents snagged the gator, he started rolling, knocking over pots and damaging part of Beharry's flower bed.

Gators are a constant problem for many people in Florida. Beharry said this incident reminded her that she should take precautions.

"Just take caution with your animals, your children just don't walk outside in the dark at night because that's when they're out," Beharry said.
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