7 On Your Side: Monument company leaves family frustrated

Friday, August 25, 2017 06:43PM
Nina Pineda reports on the grave marker refund.

PARAMUS, New Jersey - The family matriarch wanted to keep the family together forever, so she spent thousands on bronze plaques to mark their final resting places. But, after paying thousands the markers never arrived.

"They shouldn't be doing this kind of thing. They shouldn't be in business," said Danielle Holland Garcia, customer.

She's talking about the monument company in the Bronx that was paid in full for two bronze grave markers.

"They have not been responsive to their calls they don't answer. I've very upset," Danielle said.

Polanco Monuments was paid $3,500 in cash a year ago, but never delivered. Danielle's mother-in-law, Gladys, bought the family plots in this serene setting under a shade tree.

"The Spanish culture, it's something where she doesn't want us to worry financially when that time comes. She just wants us to be here together as a family," Danielle said.

Plots were purchased for Danielle, her newlywed husband, Hector, and his aunt and her daughter.

She wanted to gift it to her so that she's thinking of the family together for all of eternity. Last August, the memorials were paid in cash. But when they never arrived?

"She's (her mother-in-law) very stressed. She feels like she's been taken advantage of, used," Danielle said.

It's not the first time 7 On Your Side's visited Polanco Monuments. In May, 2009, Tappy Phillips paid them a visit after a customer took them to court and won a judgment. The next day they paid up.

And right after getting Danielle's side of the story, 7 On Your Side called over there to Polanco Monuments in the Bronx. The owner acknowledged immediately there was negligence on their part and he acted quickly to rectify the problem. And less than 24 hours later, a full refund for $3,500 arrived via FedEx.

"This was insane. Clearly you do not mess with Nina," Danielle said.

Polanco apologized to the Garcia's saying their problems happened when their father, the business owner, suffered a heart attack. The son said he quit his job to take over the business. Here, he came through.

The big takeaway, before you buy a monument, ask for recommendations and do online research. Before ordering, ask the cemetery for specs for monument size and style before ordering. And only pay in full after you approve the design and information on the monument.
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