'Bachelorette' finale proposal causes outrage among fans

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 04:52PM
Sandy Kenyon reports on the finale of "The Bachelorette" and the reaction from viewers.

NEW YORK - The first African American "Bachelorette" is engaged and a day after the big reveal, Rachel Lindsay says her journey has been "beautiful."

"It's been beautiful that not only did I get to find my love on this journey, but that I was also able to represent myself in a strong way to America as an African American woman," Lindsay said.

On "Live!" co-host Ryan Seacrest was pleased Bryan Abasolo got the final rose.

But the choice was not popular among "Bachelor Nation," where fans wasted no time slamming the couple on social media using the hashtag #notmywinner. There may not be a lot of love online for this match-up, but Lindsay and Abasolo can tell you they're ready for the fans to just leave them alone after Monday night's finale.

"I'm really confused by it to be honest with you," said Lindsay of the backlash. "To me it was so evident what we had was real, and Peter was someone who wasn't sure what he wanted."

"Unfortunately, What wasn't aired was a lot of in-depth conversations that we did have," Abasolo said.

One Twitter user was particularly confused about Lindsay's choice:

In response to that specific tweet, Lindsay said, "I think people should be upset if I was cold-hearted at the end. I mean it hurt to send Peter home. It was hard for me, but it didn't mean I didn't know what I was going to do or that I regret the decision that I made."

The couple has not yet decided where they will make their home, but do plan to accept ABC's offer to return to Spain, all expenses paid. During the time between the end of filming and Monday night's finale, the two have been sharing a home for a few days at a time at a secret location.

To hear more about how their relationship has blossomed since the proposal, check out the video below:
Rachel and Bryan talk about their secret dates
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