Kyra Sedgwick stars in new ABC series 'Ten Days in the Valley'

Monday, October 02, 2017 01:28PM
Sandy Kenyon sat down with the star to discuss her role in a new ABC drama

NEW YORK - Kyra Sedgwick grew-up in Manhattan and still lives here with her husband, Kevin Bacon, but the star got her college degree from USC. in Los Angeles, and she has often worked there.

She was "The Closer" for seven years there, so it's really no surprise to find the star spending "Ten days in the Valley" for her new ABC series.

When we sat down in L.A. - I reminded her of the old quote about L.A. being, a "bright place for shady people," and she agreed that, "all at once it can be so beautiful and then it can be so hideous and awful."

Her character in the new drama is certainly no angel! Kyra explained, "She's, you know, complex and deeply flawed and troubled."

Jane Sadler is what's called in Hollywood a "show runner," a writer/producer of TV dramas.

And I asked Kyra if she'd known people like her character in this business.

"Oh, absolutely," she responded. "For sure, I mean, yes, highly functioning very dysfunctional people."

'Jane Sadler' is a single with a drug habit who is fighting her ex-husband for custody of their daughter. In the first episode we learn, the pre-teen has been kidnapped.

"Ten Days in the Valley" was originally developed for cable -- where shows can be more edgy than those on broadcast television. "Broadcast has to start stepping it up," she said.

Kyra told me in her customary forthright and candid manner, noting, "There's a ton (of shows) out there so you have really rise above the din, and the only way to do that is to put something on that's not going to speak down to your audience. Audiences are really smart."

I asked "How does 'Ten Days in The Valley' reflect what you just said?"

"I think that we don't over-explain anything," she responded . "I think we deep sea dive into a lot of really complicated, complex characters, we don't try to make them likable. We try to understand who they are and why they are the way they are."

The season premiere of "Ten Days in the Valley" is Sunday night at 10 PM on ABC-7.
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