Meet the 31 men vying for 'The Bachelorette' Rachel's heart

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 06:32PM
Adam/ Age: 27/ Occupation: Real Estate Agent/ Height: 6'2" (ABC)
Alex/ Age: 28/ Occupation: Information Systems Supervisor/ Height: 6'2" (ABC)
Anthony/ Age: 26/ Occupation: Education Software Manager/ Height: 6'3'' (ABC)
Blake E./ Age: 31/ Occupation: Aspiring Drummer/ Height: 6' (ABC)
Blake K./ Age: 29/ Occupation: U.S. Marine Veteran/ Height: 6' (ABC)
Brady/ Age: 29/ Occupation: Male Model/ Height: 6'2" (ABC)
Bryan/ Age: 37/ Occupation: Chiropractor/ Height: 6'2'' (ABC)
Bryce/ Age: 30/ Occupation: Firefighter/ Height: 6'2" (ABC)
Dean/ Age: 26/ Occupation: Startup Recruiter/ Height: 6'2" (ABC)
DeMario/ Age: 30/ Occupation: Executive Recruiter/ Height: 6'4" (ABC)
Diggy/ Age: 31/ Occupation: Senior Inventory Analyst/ Height: 5'11'' (ABC)
Eric/ Age: 29/ Occupation: Personal Trainer/ Height: 6'2'' (ABC)
Fred/ Age: 27/ Occupation: Executive Assistant/ Height: 6' (ABC)
Grant/ Age: 29/ Occupation: Emergency Medicine Physician/ Height: 5'11'' (ABC)
Iggy/ Age: 30/ Occupation: Consulting Firm CEO/ Height: 5'6'' (ABC)
Jack Stone/ Age: 32/ Occupation: Attorney/ Height: 5'11'' (ABC)
Jamey/ Age: 32/ Occupation: Sales Account Executive/ Height: 5'9'' (ABC)
Jedidiah/ Age: 35/ Occupation: ER Physician/ Age: 5'10'' (ABC)
Jonathan/ Age: 31/ Occupation: Tickle Monster/ Height: 6'2'' (ABC)
Josiah/ Age: 28/ Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney/ Height: 6'3'' (ABC)
Kenny/ Age: 35/ Occupation: Professional Wrestler/ Height: 6' (ABC)
Kyle/ Age: 26/ Occupation: Marketing Consultant/ Height: 5'11" (ABC)
Lee/ Age: 30/ Occupation: Singer/Songwriter/ Height: 5'11" (ABC)
Lucas/ Age: 30/ Occupation: Whaboom/ Height: 6' (ABC)
Matt/ Age: 32/ Occupation: Construction Sales Rep/ Height: 6'3'' (ABC)
Michael/ Age: 26/ Occupation: Former Professional Basketball Player/ Height: 6' (ABC)
Milton/ Age: 31/ Occupation: Hotel Recreation Supervisor/ Height: 6'5" (ABC)
Mohit/ Age: 26/ Occupation: Product Manager/ Height: 6' (ABC)
Peter/ Age: 31/ Occupation: Business Owner/ Height: 6'3" (ABC)
Rob/ Age: 30/ Occupation: Law Student/ Height: 6'2'' (ABC)
Will/ Age: 28/ Occupation: Sales Manager/ Height: 6'3'' (ABC)
On this 13th season of "The Bachelorette," Rachel Lindsay has 31 men vying for the final rose and a chance at proposing to her.

Chris Harrison revealed the men competing for her heart in a special Facebook Live on Wednesday afternoon.

Watch the Facebook Live announcement below:

Harrison said that there are few men to keep an eye on, whether they may be front-runners or men who standout for some other reason.

For instance, Fred went to camp with Rachel and she was actually his camp counselor! He always had a crush on her and this could be his big chance at love with her.

Jonathan is known as the "Tickle Monster." Harrison assured viewers it wasn't in a creepy way, but rather he works as a doctor and apparently there's a sweet reason behind it.

Then there's Kenny, the professional wrestler! He also has a daughter and apparently cries the whole season.

Lee's personality rubs the guys the wrong way, while DeMario may not be there for the "right reasons," according to Harrison.

If you are wondering what "Whaboom" means under Lucas' description, you aren't alone. Harrison described it as a "lifestyle" and it's "who he is."

He also said to watch out for Peter.

Who do you think has the best shot at falling in love with Rachel? You can read more about the guys HERE.

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