MoMA undergoing extensive renovations to increase exhibit space

Tuesday, August 01, 2017 04:53PM
Sandy Kenyon has more on the major updates MoMA is receiving after undergoing major renovations.

MANHATTAN, New York - One of New York's most prominent museums is about to undergo major renovations.

The Museum of Modern Art has an extensive collection, which will be able to continue to grow with the addition of new museum space.

"What we're doing is adding more space so we can show our collection in a deeper and better way than we've ever been able to do," MoMA director Glenn Lowry said.

In the original MoMA building, the famed "Bauhaus" stairs look just as they did when the museum opened in 1939. But things around the stairs have changed.

There's a new lounge, store and even an espresso bar. Galleries have been renovated and reconfigured to better house exhibits, like a current one featuring the works of Frank Lloyd-Wright.

"One of the things we really want to achieve is a kind of integration of the museum and Midtown Manhattan, to open it up to the energy of the city," Lowry said.

The ambitious plan calls for an extra 50,000 square feet of exhibit space.

"There's a stack of galleries," Lowry said. "There will be a beautiful design gallery on the ground floor, a day lit gallery for contemporary art on the second floor."

Outside, a skyscraper is being built next to the museum on land bought from MoMA on a special provision.

"The lower floors, the first six floors belong to the museum, and they will be an extension of your galleries," Lowry said. "It's a nifty partnership."

It's a creative way to show more of human creativity.

"We've created all sorts of new spaces that will be surprising and unexpected, and so we marry the architecture and the art in an experience we hope will transport our public in a very meaningful way," Lowry said.

The idea is simple, to show more of the collection in a better way. In fact, the galleries will grow in size by 30 percent, so more of the museum's vast collection can be shown to the public. Additionally, there will be performing arts spaces for dance and music.
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