Sandy Kenyon reviews 'American Assassin'

Friday, September 15, 2017 01:14PM
Michael Keaton and 'Teen Wolf' star Dylan O'Brien team up on a mission for the CIA in 'American Assassin'.

NEW YORK - The new action movie 'American Assassin' opens in theaters Friday.

Michael Keaton and 'Teen Wolf' star Dylan O'Brien team up on a mission for the CIA.

'American Assassin' is such a big yawn I have to keep this review brief so as not to bore you!

A guy gets motivated to become an 'American Assassin' following the death of his fiancée at the hands of terrorists, right after our hero has proposed to her.

His motivation isn't an issue here, but given Dylan O'Brien's low-octane charisma, it's hard to care very much.

Being handsome isn't enough to hang with the likes of Michael Keaton, who plays "Mitch"'s gung-ho handler at the CIA.

'Generic' is the word that comes to mind as I struggle to remember what happened in a movie I saw just a few days ago.

How often have we seen the maverick operative who doesn't like to follow orders but still gets the job done?

Too many times, but the trick in this job is finding something to enjoy in even the worst films and I'm a sucker for a good car chase.

So when I found myself glancing at my watch during a scene and wondering how soon 'American Assassin' would be over, I knew my main job would be to warn you not to waste your money.

I found some joy in watching Michael Keaton. He's one big star who is never content to walk through a movie to collect a paycheck.

He made a fortune as 'Batman', spent years raising his son as a single dad only to stage a spectacular return in 'Birdman'.

Staying home and watching him in that one surely beats going to a theater for his latest.
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